Vance Fulkerson, a theater professor at the University of Northern Colorado who was charged last week for hiding a video camera in a bathroom used by his students, has a long history of improper sexual behavior at a school that seemed to ignore complaints. That’s according to past and current students, such as Christopher Johnson, who says he had sex with Fulkerson in 1991 and filed a sexual harassment complaint that was ignored. “I’ve been haunted by that monster for 18 years,” Johnson tells The Denver Post, adding that he is “furious at him” because UNC “protected him.” The 63-year-old Fulkerson has been charged with a felony count of sexual exploitation of a child and a misdemeanor charge of unlawful sexual contact following a complaint to police. Six of Fulkerson’s students e-mailed 9News to say they were glad to hear about the charges, claiming that Fulkerson “walked under a cloud of suspicion that could be seen by all.”