University of Northern Colorado theater professor Vance Fulkerson appeared in a Weld County courtroom yesterday, looking stoic and focused as he faced charges of sexual exploitation of a child, unlawful sexual contact, and possession of less than one ounce of marijuana (via Northern Colorado 5 news). Fulkerson’s attorney says his client has been facing claims that “are simply not true,” writes The Denver Post, which notes, however, that it remains unclear whether Fulkerson, 63, will choose to confront his accusers in a trial. In yesterday’s bond hearing, a judge concluded Fulkerson could remain free on $5,000 bond until September 17, when the disposition of the case will be discussed in court. Fulkerson got into trouble for allegedly hiding a camera in his bathroom to film young student visitors. According to the arrest affidavit, police found a camera and child pornography in Fulkerson’s home. One of Fulkerson’s lawyers, Alexander Garlin, says, 

”There are a lot of people coming forward and we’re really not in a position to say too much about it other than we’re sure some of it is untrue” (via 9News).