If you want to own a painting by the godfather of pop surrealism, Mark Ryden, get in line. All of his work—you might recognize it from Michael Jackson’s Dangerous album cover—is pre-sold and will set you back up to $800,000. Or, take our suggestion and cut a $500 check for a special-edition Ryden poster produced by Denver’s Pressure Printing. In 2000, Brad Keech quit his lucrative graphic design gig and put his savings into starting a printing studio that creates limited runs of specially made pop surreal works. Keech’s personal connections and years spent collecting art resulted in an unmatched roster of artists from around the globe. Each edition—Pressure produces six to 12 per year; look for a new release from Ryden this spring—is created specifically for the studio. Keech then relies on a combination of printing techniques, including a century-old Gutenberg-style letterpress, to produce the prints in various sizes. With pieces starting as low as $40, it’s high-class art without the wallet fatigue. pressureprinting.com

—Image courtesy of Pressure Printing and Mark Ryden