Some people experiment with hallucinogenic substances to find “god,” but Jorelle Antivo’s experiment with psilocybin mushrooms apparently led him to believe he was a higher being during a recent confrontation with Colorado Springs police. Antivo proclaimed to be God as he charged at the officers, who jolted him twice with a Taser before arresting him, writes the Gazette.

Psilocybin isn’t specifically targeted in the latest reports showing an increase in drug-related traffic deaths, which the Colorado State Patrol claims is mostly a result of alcohol—and marijuana (via the Coloradoan). As a result, local lawmakers are debating a measure—sponsored by Representatives Claire Levy, a Democrat, and Mark Waller, a Republican—which “would allow a person who drives with a tetrahydrocannabinols (THC) blood content of five nanograms or more to be charged with DUI,” notes the Colorado Independent. Opponents such as the Cannabis Therapy Institute question the lawmakers’ science and object to a perception that the proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries around the state could create a stoned-driving crisis.