About two dozen people—perhaps more—were injured yesterday after a United Airlines flight took off from Washington, D.C., on its way to Los Angeles. The flight, which hit severe turbulence, never reached its destination, after a sudden and terrifying free fall tossed some passengers (perhaps un-belted) from their seats, according to ABC News and myriad other organizations. The flight was forced to land at Denver International Airport. There was panicking and screaming among the 225 passengers on United Airlines flight 967, and one woman’s head left a crack in the ceiling of the cabin. At least one passenger was critically injured, according to The Associated Press. DIA health chief paramedic Scott Bookman tells 9News local hospitals were initially alerted to 30 injuries, but only 21 were transported to care. (News reports are currently unclear on the exact amount of injuries.) Many injuries were moderate, involving the head, neck, or back. Those who were OK to travel were expected to catch flights on other planes last night.