In the style of John Hickenlooper, who in 2005 skydived in a commercial supporting a pair of referenda, Denver City Councilwoman Carol Boigon hops on a plane to ride Hick’s coattails, saying he “went to great heights for this city,” and she can make Denver soar (Colorado Independent). Boigon doesn’t jump, but her flight kicks off the advertising portion of the Denver mayoral race.

Challenger James Mejía provides a veritable manifesto at the Huffington Post, touching on issues from alternative transportation to the power of local gardening. Colorado Pols wonders why he didn’t make more of a fuss over his AFSCME union endorsement. After all, Michael Hancock and Chris Romer have boasted about their respective Teamsters and firefighters endorsements.

Hancock, meanwhile, has an eye on Romer, who has hired a firm to conduct “opposition research,” with one purpose: Get dirt on the other guy. Westword notes such research can be a powerful tool for mudslingers, speculating the same tactics may have been used to unearth the allegations of plagiarism that derailed Scott McInnis’ gubernatorial campaign.