Poutine has gained a reputation, perhaps rightly so, as the kind of food you hate to love. Traditional poutine tops deep-fried French fries with rich brown gravy and chewy cheese curds to create the kind of greasy spoon, heart-attack snack you’ll allow yourself only once a year.

At Punch Bowl Social, chef Sergio Romero serves a version that honors the creamy-cheesy-potato-ness of the original, but also introduces more interesting flavors and a somewhat lighter preparation. (It’s all relative.) In Romero’s take, roasted skin-on red potatoes, Dungeness crab, and rosemary are folded with hollandaise and topped with bits of white cheese. It’s not a healthy dish by any means, but the crab, rosemary, and slightly lemony hollandaise elevate the snack beyond typical bar fare.

Tip: Complete your order with a side of peppery house-made beef jerky served with horseradish foam.

65 Broadway, 303-765-2695