Timmy Duggan moved up 21 ranks on Tuesday and finished just 21 seconds behind stage winner Tejay Van Garderen. Like many of the other favored Americans, Duggan hung in the peloton until the final climb to the top of Mount Crested Butte to cap off Stage Two of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

Lafayette-based analysis company, TrainingPeaks, hooked us up with insider stats on Duggan’s performance. The analysis monitors everything from power to heart rate, speed, elevation, distance, and pace.


NAME: Timmy Duggan, Liquigas-Cannondale

RANK: 21st overall, 22nd in Stage 2

STAGE 2 SUMMARY: Stage 2’s 99-mile race was concentrated in the final few kilometers that climbed up Mount Crested Butte. Early on, the breakaways were plentiful and no real leader emerged—even Timmy Duggan took an early pull off the front. All but 12 racers stayed in the peloton for the majority of the ride until the race drove through downtown Crested Butte and up toward the ski hill.

Jon Tarkington, Duggan’s power training advisor, says Duggan may have started to expend too much energy, too early. “He played his cards a little early, making a move at the front of the race,” Tarkington says. “The end result was that he ran out of gas about 40 seconds short of an ideal race and lost about 12 seconds. Had he waited another 40 seconds before playing his cards, he would have likely finished around 10 places higher with those 12 seconds in hand. It’s a matter of how well you can execute a big effort in the final kilometer of a fast uphill finish. Some can produce a few more watts for a few more seconds, giving them an advantage.”

Click on the image below for TrainingPeaks’ in-depth analysis of Duggan’s climb up Mount Crested Butte in the final kilometer of Stage Two.


Pedal Power: In the final two kilometers, Duggan cranked out an average of 321 watts. It takes just 300 watts to power your at-home blender to make a morning smoothie.

Out of Gas: In the final kimometer, Duggan made his break with a 500-watt burst of power. But his move was a bit early. Duggan’s managed an average speed of 28.5 kilometers per hour compared to Jani Brajkovic who averaged 29.1 kph and finished 11 places ahead of Duggan.

Power numbers (Entire Stage):

Power: 178 watts (average); 877 watts (maximum)

Speed: 38.7 kilometers per hour (average); 86.2 kph (maximum)

Heart Rate: 143 beats per minute (average); 187 bpm (maximum)

Cadence: 86 rotations per minute (average); 138 rpm (maximum)

Pace: 1:33 minutes per kilometer (average); 0:42 mpk (maximum)


Stage 1: Durange to Telluride


—Image courtesy of Michael DeLeon, Cannondale