Timmy Duggan‘s Boulder neighbor, Tommy Danielson, proved too tough to catch on Wednesday. As the peloton rolled over a pair of passes, Danielson broke loose and couldn’t be caught. Duggan finished in 19th—two seconds behind the leader—embedded in the pack chasing Danielson on day three of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

Lafayette-based analysis company TrainingPeaks hooked us up with insider stats on Duggan’s performance. TrainingPeaks’ cycling software monitors and analyzes everything from power to heart rate, speed, elevation, distance, and pace.


NAME: Timmy Duggan, Liquigas-Cannondale

RANK: 18th overall, 19th in Stage 3

STAGE 3 SUMMARY: Stage 3 returned the focus back to rider engines. The Queen Stage’s 130.5-mile push from Gunnison to Aspen included back-to-back slogs up Cottonwood Pass and Independence Pass. Each climb took the riders about two hours, which meant they relied on their “diesel engines” rather than the power burst up Mount Crested Butte we saw at the close of Stage Two. Jon Tarkington, Duggan’s power training advisor, says the last kilometer of Independence Pass took a lot out of the 29-year-old. “Today he was in great shape until the last one kilometer of Independence Pass when the remnants of the field picked up the pace slightly,” Tarkington says. “Timmy very smartly kept his effort consistent, avoiding straining his engine and crested the summit only a few seconds behind the main group. After a short chase he regained contact and had a relatively easy trip into Aspen.”

Click on the image below for TrainingPeaks’ in-depth analysis of Duggan’s effort over Cottonwood and Independence passes.


Twin Terrors: Duggan pushed his pedals over two of the races most daunting climbs, right in a row. He finished the 45.1-mile, 4,184-foot-high Cottonwood Pass climb in just over two hours with an average speed of 22 miles per hour. A quick descent led to the 42.1-mile, 4,022-foot climb over Independence Pass with an average speed of 21.9 mph.

Finish Line: With the peloton closing in on Tommy Danielson in the final kilometers in Aspen, Duggan posted his strongest 20 seconds of the race, in the final 20 seconds, maxing out at 597 watts.

Power numbers (Entire Stage):

Power: 186 watts (average); 782 watts (maximum)

Speed: 36.3 kilometers per hour (average); 108.0 kph (maximum)

Heart Rate: 145 beats per minute (average); 181 bpm (maximum)

Cadence: 88 rotations per minute (average); 133 rpm (maximum)

Pace: 1:39 minutes per kilometer (average); 0:34 mpk (maximum)


Stage 1: Durange to Telluride

Stage 2: Montrose to Crested Butte


—Stock image of Duggan courtesy of Casey B. Gibson.