Stage 5 of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge was considered by many to be the only “rest day” of the race, but riders still had to trek over Hoosier Pass on their way from Breckenridge to Colorado Springs. Tyler Farrar, the Stage 1 winner, took his second stage victory on Friday. The route finished down through the Garden of the Gods and into a circuit finish in downtown Colorado Springs, which was the start of the 2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Timmy Duggan finished 81st, 1:17 behind Farrar.

Lafayette-based analysis company TrainingPeaks hooked us up with insider stats on Duggan’s performance.. TrainingPeaks’ cycling software monitors and analyzes everything from power to heart rate, speed, elevation, distance, and pace.


NAME: Timmy Duggan, Liquigas-Cannondale

RANK: 81st in Stage 5, 25th overall

STAGE 5 SUMMARY: Stage 5 was a sprinter’s dream, but Timmy Duggan says he has his eye on today’s Golden to Boulder ride. His average watts ran far less than his average in the previous four stages. The majority of the stage was downhill headed out of the mountains and into the Front Range. Duggan had his power peak as he rode over Garden of the Gods and into the city.

Click on the image below for TrainingPeaks’ in-depth analysis of Duggan’s final four laps around downtown Colorado Springs.


Rounding Corners: In the final four laps around the Colorado Springs, riders had to slow down to maintain composure around the corners then ramp their speed back up coming out of the turns. Duggan’s power spiked to 400 watts around the nearly 20 turns.

Burning Fuel: Tires have rolled for 570 miles in fives stages. The TrainingPeak’s race vehicle, a Nissan Maxima, can’t travel that far on one tank of gas.

Power numbers (Entire Stage):

Power: 183 watts (average); 796 watts (maximum)

Heart Rate: 138 beats per minute (average); 180 bpm (maximum)

Cadence: 88 rotations per minute (average); 142 rpm (maximum)


Stage 1: Durange to Telluride

Stage 2: Montrose to Crested Butte

Stage 3: Gunnison to Aspen

Stage 4: Aspen to Beaver Creek


—Image of Duggan courtesy of Brian Hodes