It’s never too early to start learning the language of love. This Friday, Alliance Française de Denver—a French school and cultural center—invites you and your sweetheart to take in an uninterrupted dinner out after you drop-off your future mini Francophiles to spend the evening soaking up French culture on Valentine’s Day Eve.

Kids from three to 12 years old (they must be potty-trained) will take over the Alliance Française house in Baker. As you dig into your appetizer, they’ll be learning how to say they name of paintings in the current Jack Orman art exhibit in, you guessed it, French. When your entrée hits the table, your enfants will be snipping, pasting, and coloring perfect homemade Valentines. And by the time you’re wrapping up dessert, the same kids you dropped off with no experience in foreign language will be listening in on a French storytime from instructor Anne Timmerman, a recent France-to-Colorado transplant. “Everything is tailored around engaging in French language,” says Laura Berman, marketing and development director of Alliance Française de Denver. “Kids don’t need any experience in foreign language. The language intimidation that we commonly see with adults doesn’t exist with kids.”

Details: Friday, February 13, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. 571 Galapago St., 303-831-0304, The group size is limited to 12 children, so buy tickets online before the event. $42 for the first child, $25 for each sibling. Kids need to bring a pillow, snack, and water bottle.

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