Fulkerson, VanceAs expected, Vance Fulkerson, the former University of Northern Colorado drama professor accused of secretly videotaping young men as they used his bathroom, has pleaded guilty to reduced charges, a move that allows him to avoid the pain of a drawn-out trial. Fulkerson, 63, has admitted to one felony county of sexual exploitation of a child. Sixteeen other counts, which were misdemeanors that applied to adults, will be dropped (via 7News). Fulkerson, who was with UNC since 1989 and known for directing productions such as “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “Hairspray,” will be sentenced on March 3 and faces a range of possibilities—from probation up to 12 years behind bars. His attorney, Alexander Garlin, will argue for probation. “We do all kinds of things in our lives and certain things may really turn things upside down, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t done other good things in our lives. Professor Fulkerson has done a lot of very good things in his life,” Garlin tells 9News.