KOA radio reported early this morning that police had found the “vehicle of interest” in the Darrent Williams murder investigation in the Green Valley section of Denver. It had been painted over and abandoned, but not burned. It was quickly taken to the police evidence lab. I was a guest on KOA this morning, and asked, “What now?” Now the car will be combed over for forensic evidence. They will look for fingerprints, fibers, hairs, a discarded cigarette that may have DNA evidence. They will look for any evidence indicating bullets were fired from the vehicle. If they find any, they will then try and match it to a person or people. They will also continue to examine the evidence found at the scene. From the bullet casings and bullet holes in the vehicle and any bullets found in the Hummer, they will determine whether one gun or more than one gun was involved, which in turn will tell them whether it was one shooter or more than one shooter. As for what crimes might ultimately be charged, I was asked about gang-related offenses. My view is why bother? First degree murder carries life without parole. Why would prosecutors complicate their case by having to prove membership in a gang and association and related elements of a gang statute? If they find someone to charge in this case, I hope they keep it simple and stick to first degree murder and attempted murder.