I’m not a huge fan of video games, but this is just too funny to keep to myself.

I just received a press release for a music tour called “Video Games Live” that will hit the Paramount Theatre on November 1. Think of the annoyingly repetitive soundtracks to video games like Mario, Halo, Myst or Tomb Raider… but this time the tunes will be performed live by an orchestra. I’m trying to imagine the bleeps and blurps translated into violin and horns, but (not unlike the actual games) it kind of hurts my brain. Obviously, I’m not really sold on this concept. Then again, the last time I really cared about video games was when Ms. Pacman hit the arcades when I was mall-hopping as a tween. (Shudder.) But for the gazillions of kids and adults who can’t break away from the joysticks to venture into the real world, this might be a cool concert.

Are you game? (I know, sorry, had to.) Tickets go on sale this Saturday through Ticketmaster and at at the Paramount box office.