Hookah bars are supposed to be places where people can congregate in a relaxed, thoughtful atmosphere. But last week, the Baghdad Café at 2655 S. Broadway became the scene of an alleged hate crime against a 20-year-old man from Iraq, according to the Denver District Attorney’s Office (via The Denver Post). Exactly what happened isn’t clear, but the incident has led to the arrest of Fahad Alqusumi, 21, and Majed Alnufaie, 29, both from Centennial. A victim has told police the men told him they were Saudi Arabian, and a police report claims the two went to the bar and began “making racial remarks.” When the victim attempted to leave, the two allegedly pushed him to the ground and began punching him. When the victim tried to fight back, he swung his fist, missed, and hit a wooden sign, splitting his knuckles. Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey has formally charged the two men with bias-motivated crime, according to the Denver Daily News. The two suspects are in the Denver Detention Center; their bond is set at $50,000 a piece. They are scheduled to appear June 7 in Denver County Court to be formally advised of the charges against them.