What were these meanie Colorado Springs police thinking? Cara DeGette reports at Colorado Confidential:

On St. Patrick’s Day, Eric Verlo’s children watched as their father, along with 65-year old Elizabeth Fineron, were yanked by police out of his bookmobile in the middle of a parade and thrown to the ground. Photos show Fineron, who ordinarily walks with the assistance of a cane, subsequently being dragged across the street. Verlo, a Colorado Springs businessman and chairman of the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission, was pushed face down on the street, and handcuffed. Police seized control of his bookmobile, at least temporarily, and drove it away from the parade. Bill Durland, who was part of a group of about 45 marching with the Bookman bookmobile, says he watched as Colorado Springs police, some wearing riot helmets, descended into the crowd.

In all, seven people were arrested, including a 76 year old. Thankfully, things in Denver were much more peaceful. In fact, Cara and I were part of a group of local bloggers that spent the morning attending video training provided by Progress Now. We were divided into groups of three, given specific assignments, and then sent out into the parade to make a video. We were given three hours to come up with a story, film and edit the video and then upload it to Google. I thought Cara’s group had the best video. I can’t find the link but maybe she will read this and post it in the comments. My group’s video is here. I can only imagine how different our videos would have been if we had been in Colorado Springs.