The 91st Academy Awards are only three weeks away. But, really, who cares? We already know they’re going to snub Glenn Close—again—just because Lady Gaga can sing a bit and didn’t trip over her 7-inch heels while reciting her lines. We’re posturing a bit (anyone whose heart didn’t swell to 10 times its normal size when L.G. belted out “Shallow” for the first time is a monster). The point is: Whether Roma or Black Panther or The Favourite wins Best Picture, the decision isn’t going to change your life at all.

The winners of 5280’s 2019 Top of the Town Readers’ Choice awards will. And voting begins today!

The victors in our 78 categories—spanning Dining, Culture & Nightlife, Services, Shopping, and Sports, Outdoors, & Fitness—will guide the pastimes of your fellow Denverites for the next 12 months. That includes where they’ll spend their anniversaries (Steak, Italian, Seafood), vacations (Camping, Ski Resort, New Hotel), and—well, just about every other second of their nonworking hours (Happy Hour, Hair Salon, Theater Company). (See last year’s winners here.)

And unlike with the Academy Awards, this competition isn’t rigged: Your votes decide the honorees. You can vote daily on our website by clicking on the banner below and filling in your favorite spots in the Mile High City—just be sure to vote before March 15, when the ballot box officially closes.