Two workers hired by a company to register voters in Colorado have been charged with fraud.

Denver prosecutors today charged two people with filling out multiple voter-registration forms and said they were investigating “reams” of documents for potential problems. Monique Mora, 20, and Pelonne Page, 21, are accused of putting down false information on the forms or having others do it. The two were working for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, one of numerous groups that paid people in Colorado this year to register voters.

Unfortunately, it may not be an isolated instance.

Similar investigations are under way in several counties, said Lisa Doran, a spokeswoman for the Colorado secretary of state’s office. “We’re going to have more charges after the election,” she said. “What we’ll find is people not only may have attempted to register more than once not by accident, they may even attempt to vote more than once.”

Another problem surfaced today….it appears many voters are registered in more than one county, raising fears of double-voting.

As many as 3,700 people have registered to vote in more than one Colorado county just this year, and it’s possible some of them could cast ballots more than once. It has apparently happened before. At least 10 people are listed as having voted in two different counties in Colorado’s 2000 general election. None of the double votes were caught.