That’s a Velvet Elvis, if you need clarification.

There are many to choose from at the Velvet Art Show now hanging in the downstairs art gallery inside the 3 Kings Tavern at 60 S. Broadway. This rockin’ display of lowbrow paintings includes many versions of the classic Velvis: a Purple Elvis, a Crying Elvis, a Rocking Elvis, and more, plus a Velvet Jesus, Velvet Virgin Mary, Velvet Marilyn, Velvet Unicorn, Velvet Puppy, Velvet Nude, and a several really creepy Halloween-appropriate Velvet Freaks. Most are for sale; 3 Kings co-owner Jim Norris and his cohorts trekked down to Juarez, Mexico recently to stock up on their collection of the velvet artifacts, and the resulting buzz led to a full fledged art show. Some are simply on display by local artists and some are from private collections, but the majority are part of a silent auction ending on November 30.

Proceeds from the auction — after covering the cost of obtaining the velvet masterpieces — will benefit the Make a Wish Foundation. And in case you just can’t make it by the 3 Kings Tavern this month, don’t fret. Norris plans to make this an annual event and auction, so next year’s display of Velvises is sure to be spectacular.