I’ve made goals for myself this holiday season as my mailbox is flooded with advertisements. I’m not going to buy gifts for everyone. Instead of buying gifts for friends, I’m going to spend time with them. And for the gifts I do want to buy, I’ll try to spend my money locally.

This year that will be easier thanks to the Buy Local Week kickoff party this Saturday at 6 p.m. The party, taking place at Swallow Hill, is primarily free and will launch Buy Local Week, November 30 through December 6.

Be sure to pick up the 2009 Buy Local Week Shopping Guide at the event, which contains information about discounts from local businesses and special events throughout the week. (It’s also available online.) There will be appetizers, dessert, and beers on hand to help keep things lively, as well as a live auction.

If you’re inspired to get some dollars flowing in local businesses, you can start on Saturday by staying after the kickoff party to hear a concert at Swallow Hill featuring Chris Daniels and Cliff Eberhardt. Tickets range from $15-$19.

71 E. Yale Ave., 303-777-1003