Though many people these days are reading the news on their computers, some miss seeing it on paper so much that they might be willing to use their own printer—particularly if they can play the role of editor and customize what’s on the page. At least that’s what one Colorado company sympathetic to the ongoing demise of newspapers is hoping.

A new start-up called Printcasting allows anyone to put together a publication that features their own blog posts or items from participating newspapers, writes The New York Times. The end result can either be printed out or simply viewed online or from a mobile device. Dan Pacheco, a former senior manager of digital products at The Bakersfield Californian newspaper, started Printcasting with a grant from the Knight Foundation and hopes it will help the struggling print industry.

“All my assumptions about print were wrong,” he says. “Advertisers wanted to be in print, and young people are interested in magazines.”

The Denver Post recently latched on to a similar idea, notes The Colorado Independent, itself an online-only publication: “Corporate loves it because advertisers love it because they love paper, even if you don’t love paper anymore and do all of this stuff better pretty much every day for yourself on the economical and environmentally friendly World Wide Web.”