Catharine Pierce enjoyed the sunny weather earlier this week by doing a little gardening at her Boulder home. She wore a yellow thong, pasties, and pink gloves, leading neighbors to call the police, writes the Daily Camera. When an officer arrived, Pierce was recommended to put on a shirt, for the sake of children at the Shining Mountain Waldorf School across the street.

Unlike some participants in the sporadic Naked Pumpkin Run (during which genitals are often on display), Pierce, who also stirred controversy last year for gardening in similar attire, wasn’t breaking the law by exposing only her breasts—and she continued gardening.

But because police can’t crack down on Pierce and her husband, both nudists, the powers that be at the housing association just might. Boulder Housing Partners is set to amend its rules to require that tenants wear clothing when they are outside their homes, the Camera reports.

Meanwhile, the incident has made waves across cyberspace, including the Kansas City Star’s blog, which notes, “to be fair, she wasn’t totally nude.”