unclutter-your-life-coverYou can learn a lot about a city based on what its residents do on the weekends. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, small, indie-rock clubs were our alternative to Sunday-school culture. In Des Moines, Iowa, we ate all weekend because, frankly, restaurants are the redeeming quality of that city. And in Denver, I quickly learned weekends, no matter what time of year, are for heading to the mountains.

With almost all of the resorts open this weekend, most Coloradans are itching to hit the slopes. With the exception of cash, there’s usually just one problem: How do you de-clutter during the week in order to enjoy stress-free weekends?

Unclutter Your Life in One Week, a new book from a blogger at Unclutterer.com, offers some solid advice on how to get started. The Simple Dollar, which recently reviewed the book, points out that it might take more than one week to accomplish all of your goals, but a schedule for de-cluttering a little each day of the week is helpful.

For example, Mondays are for taking on the clutter in the areas you use first, such as closets or work spaces. Tackle the big stuff on Tuesdays: cleaning the bathroom and organizing your household chores. On Wednesdays, attack the kitchen and the bedroom, and on Thursdays, work on your living room and analyzing your work flow at the office. Work on prioritizing your daily activities on Fridays.

Once the routine is down, you should be clutter-free for a weekend to play in the snow.