Beleagured C.U. Professor Ward Churchill has received an “A” rating from students in his class on the American Holocaust. Churchill’s response:

“I am not surprised. Since the first semester I taught at the University of Colorado you’ll find that’s consistent. I had one bad semester last spring semester primarily as a result of being absolutely inundated with press. We had reporters sitting in the classroom,” he said in a telephone interview Sunday morning.

As for a description of the class, Churchill says:

“It’s a class that first of all takes up the genocide convention and the underpinnings which establishes what the legal and sociological definitions of genocide actually are. And then examines the sweep of American history through that lens, primarily but by no means exclusively with regard to Indians. It takes into consideration the trans-Atlantic slave trade, the importation of coolie labor, and so on and so on.”

What do you think the response of politicians, pundits and conservatives will be to the news? I suspect there will be renewed calls for his firing as part of the growing trend of attacks on liberal professors.