ward_churchillAfter deliberating for a day and a half, a jury concluded that the firing of former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill was motivated, at least in part, by his political views, but awarded the professor a mere $1, writes The New York Times.

Now Denver Chief District Judge Larry Naves is tasked with deciding, in a separate hearing, if Churchill, 61, may return to his job on the Boulder campus and/or receive back-pay, according to The Denver Post, which quoted Churchill, satisfied, the trial: “it took four years… it was justice.”

Count former CU President Hank Brown, who supported Churchill’s firing, among those who disagree. Brown says it would be a “travesty of justice” if a judge forces the school to re-hire Churchill (via Boulder’s Daily Camera).

Meanwhile, Post columnist Mike Littwin writes that the case represents “what happens when the mob wins…”