The University of Colorado won’t have Ward Churchill to kick around anymore. He’s been fired.

But, was his firing really for academic misconduct, or was it based on disapproval of his political views, particularly his comments about 9/11?

His lawyer, David Lane, will file suit against C.U. in Denver District Court today. Why state court instead of federal court?

Lane said he will sue in Denver District Court, rather than federal court, because he can get a trial sooner. But he also said a Denver jury is more likely to be sympathetic than a federal jury, which would include “a lot of small-town people who are not enamored of Churchill.”

The lawsuit will allege that in firing Churchill, C.U. violated Churchill’s First Amendment rights.

I’m somewhat surprised at how much national press the story received today. Check out the coverage in the New York Times, complete with large photo. As Churchill and Lane have said all along, the outcome was hardly surprising.