Let’s hope Mayor John Hickenlooper is right in his estimate that the Biennial of the Americas will mean tens of millions of dollars for Denver’s economy (via The Colorado Independent). The city’s coffers, after all, have been rather empty-ish lately and, according to a letter Hickenlooper sent to municipal employees yesterday, more belt-tightening may be necessary.

Face the State notes that Hick has increased his estimate on the budget gap, to $100 million, up from $80 million.

The problem is “slow growing or flat revenue” from taxes, fees, and fines, the mayor writes, adding that the drop in expected revenue “means we are faced with making deeper cuts in the 2011 budget.” The challenge of reducing city government will be all the harder, considering “demand for service by the public continues to grow.”

City departments are expected to submit cost-cutting ideas. The $100 million in cuts will be added to $160 million sliced off the 2010 budget, points out The Huffington Post.