Twelve-year-old Kayleah Wilson, the slain Greeley girl whose memorial service earlier this week was attended by hundreds of people, told her friends she might be pregnant before she went missing on March 28. That’s according to an arrest affidavit for Wilson’s 18-year-old former boyfriend, Robert Montoya, who is being held on charges of sexual assault on a child. The affidavit claims that Montoya moved in with Kayleah Wilson and her mother, April Wilson, in October 2009 and has admitted having sex with Kayleah Wilson, according to 9News and Westword. April Wilson assumed her daughter and Montoya were just friends, but learned of a relationship and subsequently kicked Montoya out. The two continued to see each other, April Wilson learned, leading the mother to again tell Montoya to stay away from her daughter, according to The Denver Post. In a stranger claim deserving more investigation, Montoya has told police Kayleah would try and get him to “physically abuse” her during their sexual encounters, reports the Post.