This summer, it will be easier to hide a spiked drink than a spiked volleyball at Wash Park. While the complete Washington Park alcohol ban did not materialize, other rules and regulations around the park will take full effect this Memorial Day weekend, including a new system for those who come bearing nets and volleyballs.

So, 3.2 beer is still the only alcohol allowed in the park, but the enforcement of this rule will be ramped up according to Denver Parks and Recreation. And now, those wishing to use volleyball nets—literally thousands of people during summer weekends—must register and pay a credit card deposit to park officials for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. The drop-in volleyball permits are distributed upon arrival at the park utilizing rotating locations in the meadow area to protect the grass.

“Last weekend, we found nets without people that had been set up at seven in the morning, and then they came back to play later,” Denver Parks and Recreation spokesman Jeff Green says. “We’re trying to create better access to the park for all guests.”

In recent years, Wash Park has served as a volleyball jungle—volleys, spikes, and serves taking over large sections of the park. With up to 40 courts available at a time, volleyball will still be a central piece of Wash Park’s culture. According to Green, Denver Parks and Rec has received complaints about the new rules, as well as skepticism that the rules are enforceable. “We might have to make some adjustments after a few weeks,” Green says. “Maybe at the end of the summer we’ll find the rules are unnecessary and just talking about the issues was all we needed, but we had to do something.”

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—Photo Courtesy of Amanda Teves