Looking for something a little more interesting than jogging around Wash Park’s 2.6-mile loop? Then leave your car at South High School, walk across East Louisiana Avenue to the group of four green benches, and challenge yourself with Pearl Street Fitness co-owner Scott St John’s grueling 20-minute regimen—if you dare.

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1. To warm up, do four sets of the following:

20 incline bench push-ups

20 step-ups (right foot stays on bench for 20 reps, then switch to left for 20)

20 incline mountain climbers

20 squat bench jumps

2. From the benches, run east (counterclockwise) around the park on the outer path. At East Tennessee Avenue, look to your left to find a pull-up/chin-up station (it’s across the main park path in a patch of trees). Run there and do:

5, 10, or 15 chin-ups (depending on your ability)

5, 10, or 15 wide-grip pull-ups

15 wide-grip lat pulls (use the lowest bar, with your heels on the ground)

3. Do walking lunges back to the outer path; then run to the tables and benches near the firehouse at the corner of East Virginia Avenue and South Franklin Street. Do:

20 decline push-ups (hold your hips up; no sway in your lower back)

20 bench or tabletop jumps

4. Run back to the outer path along Virginia, then sprint to the corner of Downing Street and do 20 full burpees in the grass. Continue running south on Downing. When you get to the bench by the main flower garden south of Smith Lake, do:

20 V sit-up kick-outs

20 incline bench push-ups (with alternating hip extension)

5. Continue running to a bench just past the tennis courts at East Tennessee Avenue and do:

20 close-grip tricep push-ups (elbows remain close to rib cage)

20 sumo squats (toes and knees pointing out 45 degrees; butt to bench

6. Run to the corner at Louisiana; do 20 more full burpees on the grass. Sprint back to where you started; stretch to cool down.