Consumers, be wary of the home-repair contractor who appears after the big storm. Be careful when dealing with someone offering mortgage-debt assistance. And maybe you’d better make a few more calls before you send your troubled Facebook friend money. Those are but a few of the Better Business Bureau’s Top 10 scams of 2009 based on “inbound calls, e-mails, and complaints we received locally and nationwide throughout the BBB system in 2009,” spokeswoman Megan Miller tells The Denver Post. Storm chasers are number one in Colorado, followed by free trial offers for dietary supplement pills. “Thousands of consumers complained to BBB that the ‘free’ trial actually cost them as much as hundreds of dollars, month after month, and that they had trouble canceling and getting refunds,” the BBB says. Mystery shoppers were asked to send their own cash to evaluate a money-wiring service and received a fake check in return. There were also lottery scams in which the victims are informed they’ve hit the jackpot, but then must send hundreds of dollars to cover taxes or bogus fees. Visit the Denver Business Journal to read the entire list.