Will he run or won’t he? That’s been a big question about Sen. Wayne Allard for months.

Sen. Allard will announce his decision this afternoon.

Waiting in the wings if he declines to run for a third term is Democratic Congressman Mark Udall.

Republicans want Allard to run again.

Allard’s decision was complicated by the Republican Party’s losses in the 2006 elections. The GOP must defend the White House and 21 of the 33 Senate seats up for grabs in 2008. Traditionally, open-seat contests are more difficult and more expensive for a party to defend, so Republicans have rallied to persuade Allard to run again.

Rep. Tom Tancredo is going to Iowa this week to decide whether to run for the Presidency. Is he also waiting for Allard’s decision, contemplating a Senate run if Allard steps down?

A Tancredo-Udall race would certainly give voters a clear choice on issues.