We all want our homes to be welcoming; Nancy Benoit takes that idea one step further. The founder of Glenwood Springs’ Old World Lanterns by Benoit—a line of classic light fixtures handcrafted right here in Colorado—thinks we should set the ambience before visitors even walk in the door. “Here in the mountains, when it’s snowing and you see a flickering light, it’s so inviting,” says Nancy, who runs the 12-year-old company with her husband, Brandon. The appeal is all in the craftsmanship: Brandon personally builds each piece based on age-old designs and processes. The lanterns (which start at $250 each) caught the attention of Atlanta interior designer Jessica Brooke Bullis, who chose the Capital fixtures for her client’s traditional front door (pictured). “It’s never going to go out of style,” she says. Investing in a piece that will last a lifetime? We see the light!

1407 Darrow Alley, Glenwood Springs, CO, 870-307-2878; oldworldlanternsbybenoit.com