A recent night out downtown—dinner, a show, and drinks—reminded me of how expensive Denver’s nightlife can be if you aren’t a bargain-hunter. As I started looking for few more affordable events to round out my weekend, I stumbled across Colorado For Free. As we can infer, Colorado For Free is only going to dish out the events that are absolutely free. Don’t breeze past the homepage, which features a slew of year-round ideas, including some fun daytrips like a visit to Bishop Castle in San Isabel or a tour of the Russell Stover chocolate factory in Montrose. If you’re looking for more specific things to do, check out the calendar, where events are listed by date. This week Colorado For Free suggests hitting the Aspen Music Festival (but forgoing the pricey tickets and instead sitting outside the tented concert to listen for free), taking the kids to free movies on Wednesday morning, and checking out folk dancing in Boulder’s Municipal Plaza on Tuesday night.