When Travis Ramos started looking for a wedding gift for his soon-to-be wife, Laura, he knew he wanted it to be unique. They dreamed of a life on the road, traveling and adventuring together. And since Laura had fond memories of traveling in a camper when she was younger, Travis figured this was the ideal gift. He took to Craig’s List and stumbled upon Guanella, a 1974 Volkswagen pop-up camper, which he bought in Boulder for a fitting $420. The bus wasn’t always perfect, especially when it broke down in the middle of Wyoming, but it was the perfect start to their lives together.

In the year following, the couple began their photography business, Fuse Photographic. They focused on shooting families and individuals, but after deciding to tackle the trend of wedding photo booths, the couple’s business plan began to shift. One day, during a drive to Ohio, Travis tossed around the crazy idea of combining their two loves—photography and their VW bus. Thus the Shutterbus—a funky, eclectic take on a traditional wedding photo booth—was born.

They snagged a new VW Bus named Nelly and transformed her into a mobile photographer ready to capture some of the goofiest and most memorable moments at weddings and events across the state. As the photobooth trend gained popularity, Travis and Laura decided to expand their business to some Midwest and southeast states, with locations including Wyoming, New Jersey, Alabama, and Michigan. And while everyone loves grabbing a prop and making a goofy face for a photo booth, Nelly’s charm makes her subjects’ trip down memory lane even more unforgettable.