There is some good reporting this weekend on the Joe Nacchio trial and what lies ahead for him. The Rocky Mountain News takes a look at Nacchio’s likely appeal issues. The Denver Post interviews federal prison expert Alan Ellis and details what Nacchio’s days will be like and how structured they will be. Also in the Denver Post: A juror interview that includes details of the deliberation process and the jury’s view of defense lawyer Herb Stern and a discussion of the financial implications for Nacchio after fines and restitution are imposed and his civil actions are resolved. On Stern:

While the jurors liked Stern, they thought he was disorganized. They joked that they would like to invite him to a post-trial barbecue. “I think a lot of what he did was an act, but he was so fun to watch,” Garduno said. He carried a tote bag labeled “Dad” and he would dig through it for evidence “for 10 minutes,” she said. When he pulled out documents, his hair would be disheveled. But she thought his opening statement and closing arguments rambled, and jurors had a hard time paying attention to them. “I had hoped for his sake that someone else would have done the closing argument, he went off in so many different directions,” she said.