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Weekend Guide

There is no shortage of events this weekend – concerts, cultural events, club openings – but here are a few off-the-beaten path parties to consider as well.

  • Drop by A New Spirit Spa and Wellness Center near 29th and Sheridan on Saturday evening for free mini-massages and tours of the recently upgraded facility, along with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and relaxing entertainment.
  • Uncommon Scents just opened on 32nd in Highlands; it’s a perfume boutique where you are the designer. Create your perfect signature scent during the opening party Saturday, and then hit nearby hotspots like Swimclub 32 and the Coral Room.
  • Redline Clothing in Cherry Creek North celebrates its one year anniversary Saturday with – what else? – champagne and special sales on designer clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Look for 10-50% off lines like BCBG and Custo of Barcelona, along with a preview of Redline’s holiday collections. 5-10pm, 201 Detroit St., 303-321-7790.

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Weekend Guide

It’s all Halloween, all the time. This weekend is packed with theme parties and monster mashes.

  • The Victorian and Fetish Ball V is tonight at The Church nightclub. The idea of fetish Halloween party in an old church building is just a bit naughty; think sexy and slightly kinky. Plenty of bare skin will be on display, but to keep it legal they’ll have to stop short of anything really racy.
  • For a more wholesome type of Halloween party, head to the Andenken Gallery Saturday (2110 Market St.) for the Denver Monster Bash. They’ll serve cocktails, but will also offer coffee, candy and sweet snacks, and the entire event is set up as an old-fashioned carnival with interactive booths. Hit the kissing booth for monster makeout sessions, bob for apples (yes, really) or see what’s inside the Haunted Peepshow.
  • So you’re the traditional type who waits for the actual holiday to celebrate? Sunday’s Crystal Ball at Lotus is all about glitter and glam.