draftdodgerIf you’ve got an older apartment, like mine, there’s a good chance cold air is sneaking in at the bottom of your front and back doors.

And, as you’ve probably figured out from my past posts on bed warmers, electric blankets, and insulating windows, I don’t like cold air leaking in during the winter.

This week, I’m offering one more way to make sure your house stays warm: “draft dodgers.”

This is a fast and easy project if you find yourself with a few extra lazy hours this holiday weekend.

Step 1. Measure your door frame. I added an inch on either side just to be sure no cold air could creep in from the edges.

Step 2. Find some heavy-duty fabric. I used an old pair of jeans from my boyfriend. The sturdy denim worked well, and his penchant for wide-legged jeans meant more room for cold-air-absorbing stuffing. But I wish I had an old pair of corduroys, because I think they’d be even cuter.

Step 3. Make a tube. If you’re using old jeans or cords, simply cut off the legs and sew one end closed. If you’re using fabric, cut it to the proper length and pin it inside out. Sew up three sides of the tube, and turn it right-side out.

Step 4. Stuff it. You can use the standard cotton batting here, but wikiHow has some interesting alternatives: sand, kitty litter, rice, or old, cut-up T-shirts. Whatever you use, stuff it in the tube, leave about an inch at the top, and then sew up the last side.

Step 5. Enjoy your warm house! Toss your new draft dodger in front of your cold-air-leaking door.

I’m already plotting to find some corduroy fabric to make Christmas presents.