This much we know: Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker has been suspended four games for a banned amphetamine that showed up in his drug test earlier this year.

Was it from the synthetic party drug molly? (Which Welker denies.) Or was it something else?

One thing’s already certain: Welker’s suspension is an unwanted distraction for a team heading into its first regular season game this weekend. Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning called it a “self-inflicted wound.” It most certainly leaves the team without a former All-Pro receiver in some pretty important early-season games.

Then there’s this, perhaps the most important piece of speculation in Welker’s suspension story: Did the receiver use the amphetamines to help with symptoms from his repeated concussions? Manning didn’t seem to allay the question of whether Welker had used the substance before. Tom Brady, Welker’s former teammate in New England, refused to answer the question. There might not be anything to this thought, but it’s worth the discussion.

Here’s the national rundown of the Broncos’ newest distraction:

New York Times: “It’s the third year running we’ve had a starting player suspended to start the season. I don’t think that’s something the Broncos want to boast about, but it’s the reality.”

Denver Post: Replacing Welker won’t be easy for Broncos.

Deadspin: Is the molly defense the new Adderall defense?

Star-Ledger: Welker is the 33rd player suspended for Week 1 of the NFL season.

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