All the Olympic hubbub this week got me thinking about lifestyles. Olympians are the most athletic people on the planet (with the hardware to prove it…hello Michael Phelps). What’s it like to be that healthy? Do they just feel fit and toned and energetic all the time? When they’re not on task to bring home the glory, are they naturally inclined to eat well, get enough sleep, be active, and stay focused? How often do they get to pursue an activity outside their sport?

The athletes, of course, have their own coaches and a host of experts, trainers, and nutritionists to ensure they make the right decisions, push themselves to the limit, and keep their physiques in tip-top shape. And even after they’ve swam the last length or run the last meter of their careers, one would think the chance of maintaining a healthy, fit lifestyle for the rest of their days would be pretty high.

Then there’s the rest of us. For us mere mortals who don’t have an entourage of experts and medical professionals to keep us in line, check out Living At Your Peak, an “interactive health, fitness, and longevity” summit—in Vail next month (September 13–15)—”designed to help you discover how to live longer, better, and influence positive change in the well-being of the world around you.” Part of the nonprofit Vail Symposium, the program is open to the public and provides participants with the chance to experience—as in, actually do—activities in the fields of fitness, nutrition, psychology, medicine, and research. More than 20 sessions per day will be led by experts, performers, athletes, and practitioners in their respective fields, from physicians to Olympians to restaurateurs; the keynote speaker is tennis legend Martina Navratilova.

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons this shindig is sounding pretty good:

1. Personalization: Your summit experience will be completely tailored to your individual needs. Upon registration, an event “concierge” will help you design an itinerary to meet your specific goals. All physical activity sessions (hiking, yoga, mountain biking) are designated as green (easiest), blue (moderate), or black diamond (advanced/expert), so you can arrange a schedule within your comfort zone.

2. Couples discount: Registering for the full summit will set you back $1,000 ($1,200 after September 1), but adding a spouse to your ticket is only $300.

3. Follow-up: For two weeks after the summit concludes, you’ll get free consultations with coaches and trainers who can help you develop a realistic, lasting fitness program.

Register here for the full summit or select events. (Space is limited, so get to it.) Go ahead: Live at your peak.

Image via Shutterstock