Floery Mahoney has always been a trendsetter. (Twenty-five years ago, when Vermont still hadn’t discovered the Pilates craze, she opened one of the first studios there.) So when Mahoney reached her mid-40s and began feeling like no workout—whether it was Pilates, a bootcamp class, or a spinning session—was working for her anymore, she decided to develop her own fitness method.

Instead of daily, 90-minute exercise regimens that overly taxed her body, she started to try half-hour workouts using resistance bands that she tied to bedposts and other furniture to practice body weight movements like lunges at different angles. Eventually, Mahoney developed an eight-foot-long board made of Baltic birch wood, with several holes along the sides where she could attach the bands, and dubbed it the Da Vinci BodyBoard. “You have anchor points in all different areas, which allows you to have a full range of motion,” says Lily Michaels, the director of marketing for Da Vinci. “With certain weights, you can only go up and down.”

Mahoney debuted her technique—which involved 22 high-intensity intervals of one minute each on the board, and 22-second periods of rest in between—at her flagship studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2013. Now, four and a half years later, longtime personal trainer Theresa Rudel is launching Da Vinci’s first licensed studio (similar to a franchise, but without the requirement that it has to look exactly like the original location) in Fort Collins. “I fell in love with the concept of it,” Rudel says. “It’s yoga, it’s strength training, it’s stretching; plus it’s like being a kid again—it’s so fun.”

Located on North College Avenue, FoCo’s main drag, the 1,400-square-foot studio holds 12 BodyBoards and 12 sets of wall-mounted resistance bands. Tomorrow’s grand opening celebration, from 3 to 7 p.m., is a prime opportunity to try them out; although Rudel won’t hold an official class, she’ll open up half the room for demos. The rest of the space will be devoted to wine, beer, spritzers, and appetizers plus a raffle with more than 10 prizes from local businesses, including an hour-long massage from Boulder sports massage therapist Jonathan Garcia, a gift certificate from Snooze, and, of course, a five-class pass to Da Vinci.