Hydration therapy has swept the Mile High City over the past few years, as athletes, senior citizens, and poor hungover mortals search for an easy solution to dehydration. (Customers receive IV solutions of saline, vitamins, and minerals to refresh their systems.) LoHi-based Onus IV Hydration has particularly reaped the benefits of the wellness trend’s increase in popularity, opening a second location in July in the DTC area and, as of Friday, a third in Boulder (above Boxcar Coffee Roasters on Pearl Street).

The new digs resulted from a partnership with the hilariously named, Boulder-based Baby Bathwater Institute, which has spent four years hosting established entrepreneurs at all-inclusive retreats in hopes of triggering creative impulses and solving problems. “Before every event, I had Chaz [Faulhaber, cofounder of Onus IV] driving up and giving me an IV,” says Hollis Carter, cofounder of Baby Bathwater. “That’s how I survived staying up for four days, running panels and talks, and boogeying on the dance floor. I think the IV business has a wrap for being just for hangovers and Vegas—obviously that happens and it’s a great solution for it—but I would like it to be more for athletes and entrepreneurs and creative and people who are running on all cylinders and might need to not get sick. This is the best solution I’ve found for pushing those limits.”

Expect all of the treatments Onus IV already offers—including the Rockstar, a blend of B vitamins, Vitamin C, and antioxidants designed by indie singer-songwriter Andrew McMahon to help musicians cope with altitude sickness on tours—for now, with new services on the way. For example, in the future Onus IV hopes to provide NAD+ IV therapy, a solution containing a molecule that allegedly improves clarity, energy levels, and problem-solving abilities—and one that’s been generating some buzz in the scientific and supplement communities.

We’re mostly buzzing about the free tapas, cocktails, and Great Divide Brewing Co. beer at Onus IV’s opening celebration, starting at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, but you shouldn’t miss the (also free) B12 shots and raffle for future Onus IV services either. After all, the day you need a pick-me-up will come sooner than you think.