We’re still a month away from serious “back to school” mode, but it seems like school lunches have been dominating the healthy eating conversation lately. General consensus is that we’re falling miserably short in the kids nutrition department—so much so that last month, Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz made an unprecedented $1 million personal contribution to LiveWell Colorado’s school lunch initiative to give all Colorado children access to healthy school lunch by 2022.

According to the 2010 Colorado Health Report Card, about 14 percent of Colorado’s children are obese, and Colorado is ranked 23rd for childhood obesity, a rate that is rising at the second-fastest pace in the country. Only eight percent of Colorado’s kids are eating fruits and veggies three times a day per USDA guidelines. And beyond physical consequences, studies have shown that sugary, processed, and artificial foods and beverages can have adverse effects on a child’s performance in school.

As much as parents would love for their children to eat wholesome, balanced meals at school, camp, and other places away from home, we all know that’s sometimes easier said than done amidst hectic schedules, long hours at work, and crazy mornings when it’s all you can do to get the kids out the door, much less make sure they’ve got enough vitamins and nutrients in the lunchbox. Making sure your kitchen is stocked with the right foods—and preparing them in a creative, appealing way—is no easy feat.

That’s where Lafayette’s Door to Door Organics can help. The delivery service sends boxes of organic, farm-fresh produce right to your doorstep. All you do is visit the website, sign up for weekly or biweekly delivery, choose a box-size, and customize your order from more than 54 produce items. Plus, you can shop the company’s online grocer to add food such as meat and fish, grains and pasta, and dairy items (all natural, organic, and local if specified and/or possible).

We love that there’s no commitment (you can cancel at any time) and that you can make changes to your order up till 8 a.m. the day before your shipment—perfect for that last-minute gathering you got suckered into hosting. Basic produce boxes range from $25 (bitty) to $60 (large) and shipping is free unless otherwise specified. Additional groceries will increase the price.

But the best part is that Door to Door can help you plan creative meals. Just click on the Kitchen tab to search recipes, which will clearly tell you what ingredients to buy. Think spinach pancakes for breakfast, a DIY nacho kit for the lunchbox, and apple oat bars for a snack. Healthy, wholesome, fun, and all at the click of a mouse. Your kids will never be the wiser.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock