Once you’ve felt the sun warming your skin during sun salutations or looked at an actual tree while in tree pose, it becomes pretty clear that yoga is meant for the outdoors. That’s the thinking behind Yoga Rocks the Park, a nation-wide event bringing yoga and live music to urban parks in six major cities around the country.

I recently practiced with the group at Sunken Gardens Park after paying a $15 entrance fee (sign up online for $10). While musical guest Girish warmed up for his 75-minute yoga set, I laid out my mat amidst more than 100 eager, park-going yogis.

Lora Hasse led us through a 75-minute yoga flow while Girish played rhythmically integrated music. Several teachers walked around and helped us extend our hips in downward dog, engage our legs in warrior pose, and make any other adjustments we needed.

After our final savasana (resting pose), we gathered by the stage and joined Girish for some singing yoga chants. Then we rolled up the mats and enjoyed free samples from various vendors (try the berry-lemonade workout drink from Vuka Intelligent Energy).

Try It Now: Yoga Rocks the Park is held on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. at Sunken Gardens Park. The last one of the year is held at Cheeseman Park on September 23.

Image courtest of Carl Kerridge