Know anyone that has a certain aura about them? Chances are they do and David Stevens, an aura healer and meditation expert at Denver’s Yoga of the Mind has more than 12 years of experience detecting those. He defines an aura as “the energy field that goes around and through us” that changes based on what we’re doing and who we’re with.

What exactly does he do? Well, he perceives your energy field and decides if it is out of balance (perhaps you’ve been feeling over-extended or a little too constricted?). Then he makes intuitive adjustments. Ideally, your aura should extend out about arm’s length from your body. Finally, he draws out your negativity and sends it to the earth. If all goes well, you’ll feel the same effects of a good night’s sleep, or a weekend in nature–activities that naturally restore your energy.

“You don’t need to be out of whack to benefit from an aura healing, just like you don’t need to be super tense to benefit from a massage,” Stevens explains. But if you’re in some sort of intense transition, a new job, a recent move, or an ended relationship, it could be a good time to get one. Stevens says after a session you’ll feel centered, grounded, confident, and more able to do what you want to do.

Skeptical? Try it: Get a free aura healing any Tuesday between 5:30 p.m. and 6:45 p.m., or try one of several free meditation and intuition classes (The next one is August 30).

Yoga of the Mind (8 E. First Ave., 303-668-2358)

Image courtesy of Rochelle Fisher