I’m yogurt-obsessed, from Fruit on the Bottom varieties to ultra-creamy smoothies and Granola-and-fruit partnerships. This week, I added skyr, the traditional “yogurt” of Iceland, to that list after sampling it at Coohills. Technically, skyr is a cultured, fat-free dairy product akin to cheese that has been a delicacy in the Nordic country since the time of the Vikings. It’s sweeter than a Greek yogurt, firmer than our runny variety, and when mixed with a little cream and placed on a dish with a cinnamon-rhubard compote, hazlenut crumble, and fresh berries (like it was at Coohills), it becomes a delectable mousse.

Bonus: A recent Harvard study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that indulging in minimally-processed treats like yogurt (including skyr and the Greek varieties) decreases weight gain the more you eat. While skyr imported from Iceland remains in east and west coast Whole Foods for now, the American-made Siggi’s is available in Denver Whole Foods and Safeway stores.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock