When absinthe became legal in the United States in 2007 (95 years after its prohibition), bartenders served up the herbal liquor traditionally–with water and burned sugar–as well as in cocktails like the Sazerac, a nose-tingling concoction of rye whiskey, lemon, bitters, and absinthe.

Soon after legalization (although not without frustrations), chefs were making absinthe cakes and ice cream, and today, foodies are applying creative twists using the pungent drink. My favorite so far is Wen Chocolates‘ Rue Royal truffle.

Released a couple months ago, the elegant dark-chocolate candy is inspired by the Sazerac, and appropriately flavored with absinthe, rye whiskey, lemon peel, and bitters. Unlike the cocktail, the truffle, tempered by its rich chocolate, is a soft blend of its signature ingredients, and makes for a trendy dessert at home or at a dinner party.

Wen Chocolates, 1541 Platte St., 303-477-5765