Men’s Health Magazine has come out with its annual rankings of the 25 “fattest” and “fittest” cities in America. Denver was ranked the fourth fittest city in the country, behind Honolulu, San Francisco and Virginia Beach (who knew?), just ahead of fifth place Colorado Springs.

Denver’s fitness report card includes “A” grades for fitness centers, exercise and sports participation, weight and TV watching, and even air quality, plus an A- for nutrition. So why are we only in fourth place? Well, it probably has something to do with that D- grade for junk food consumption and that F for alcohol consumption. Men’s Health’s 2003 report noted disapprovingly that Denver has far more bars and taverns per capita than most other cities.

As far as I’m concerned, this study just proves that Denver is a fantastic place to live. Nothing like a good workout at the Athletic Club at Denver Place followed by a few beers at the Falling Rock Tap House.