Markey, BetsyU.S. Senator Joe Lieberman to America on health care reform: If a government plan is part of the deal, “as a matter of conscience, I will not allow this bill to come to a final vote.”

Add Lieberman, the former Connecticut Democrat who became an independent, to the ranks of those who are ready to kill the health care bill the House passed over the weekend (via The Associated Press).

Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, dismissively says, “the House bill is dead on arrival in the Senate.” President Barack Obama, meanwhile, has urged the U.S. Senate to “bring this effort to the finish line on behalf of the American people.”

Congresswoman Betsy Markey of Fort Collins was the only Democrat from Colorado—and one of 39 total Democratic representatives—to vote against the U.S. House legislation.

“It was a difficult decision because there’s a lot of good things in the bill, as well, that I like, but in the end, I just didn’t think that it did enough to control health-care costs,” she tells the Fort Collins Coloradoan.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi huddled before the passage of the bill with Representatives Rosa DeLauro, a Connecticut Dem, and Diana DeGette, a Denver Dem, regarding the Stupak-Pitts Amendment, an antiabortion measure that many Democrats found distasteful and distracting (via The Wall Street Journal).