Jack-o'-LanternIf you noticed the 4,000 or so zombies along the 16th Street Mall this weekend, you know Halloween is basically a weeklong celebration this year—one that could end on a high point (at least as far as crowd-size goes) in Boulder. That’s because the People’s Republic has a long list of options on Saturday, starting in the afternoon, when droves of University of Colorado football fans will leave Folsom Field after the team plays Missouri. Halloween last fell on a weekend in 2004, and a riot broke out on University Hill, near campus. This year, there’s an extra hour of daylight saving time, meaning bars can stay open another hour if they choose, the Daily Camera points out. Then there’s the annual naked pumpkin runners, dangling their naughty bits in the street, and persisting rumors of a revival of the Mall Crawl, which could lure hoards of costumed folk to party on the Pearl Street Mall. As police Commander Curt Johnson says, “We only get Halloween on a Saturday once every seven, eight years. … This is certainly probably the one night this year we’ve had to do the most planning and preparation for.”